Priest Charbel Maurice Bou samra

Arabic full name بو سمرا، الخوري شربل موريس
Arabic description الخوري
Arabic first name شربل
Arabic consecrated name -
Arabic fathers name موريس
Arabic family name بو سمرا
Description Priest
First name Charbel
Consecrated name -
Father name Maurice
Family name Bou samra
Country Canada
Order / dioces Maronite diocese of Saint Maroun Canada
Title خادم رعية
Education License and Doctorate in Canon Law. Doctoral Thesis on the Particular law of the Maronite Church
Marital status maiden
Mobile +1 416 414 9165
Email [email protected] ; [email protected] ; [email protected]
Pobox L4Z4H6
Address 4880, Yorkshire Avenue., Mississauga, Ontario, L4Z 4H6, Canada