Priest Jean Elias Mawra

Arabic full name مورا، الخوري جان الياس
Arabic description الخوري
Arabic first name جان
Arabic consecrated name -
Arabic fathers name الياس
Arabic family name مورا
Description Priest
First name Jean
Consecrated name -
Father name Elias
Family name Mawra
Country Lebanon
Order / dioces Maronite Patriarchal Eparchy - vicariate of Ehden and Zgharta
Title خادم رعية
Education لاهوت
Marital status married
Phone +961 6 660230
Mobile +961 3 713341
Email [email protected]
Address حي المعاصر، مقابل ثانوية زغرتا الرسمية، زغرتا، Lebanon
Fax +961 6 661528