Sister Julia Choukrallah Bou saadeh

Arabic full name بو سعاده، الأخت جوليا شكرالله (الأخت كلوديت بو سعاده)
Arabic description الأخت
Arabic first name جوليا
Arabic consecrated name كلوديت
Arabic fathers name شكرالله
Arabic family name بو سعاده
Description Sister
First name Julia
Consecrated name Claudette
Father name Choukrallah
Family name Bou saadeh
Country USA
Order / dioces Antonines Sisters
Date of birth 24-11-1933
Education Lay Leadership in Ministry Bachelor of Arts
Title نائبة
Phone +1 330 5382567
Address Antonine Sisters Convent, 2691 North Lipkey Road, North Jackson, Ohio 44451, United States of America
Email [email protected]
Pobox 44451
Fax +1 330 5389820