Antonine Maronite Nuns

Name Antonine Maronite Nuns
Arabic name الراهبات الأنطونيات المارونيات
Country Lebanon
City Roumieh
Responsable Mother Nazha El Khoury
Phone +9614972068 / +9614870746 / +9614870746
Fax +9614873374 / +9614870474
Address Roumieh Maten Monastery Mar Doumit / دير الرئاسة العامة : دير سيدة النعم، روميه، لبنان
Website www.upa.edu.lb / www.antonines.org
Faculties institutes and branches Faculty of Engineering (1996) Faculty of Business administration (2006) Faculty of Sport Sciences (1996) Faculty of Public Health (1996) Faculty of Information & Communication (2006) Faculty of Music & Musicology (1996) Faculty of Theologie sciences & pastoral studies (1996)
Type Maronites Sister Chiefs
Email [email protected] / [email protected]
Pobox PO BOX: 84 Broumana
Mobile +9613310145
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/Soeurs.Antonines.SG
Profile The Antonine cloistered nuns of the Antonin Order living in Lebanon at the very beginning of the 18th century are at the origin of our Antonine Sisters’ Congregation which became apostolic in 1940. Mother Isabelle Khoury (1878-1953) of Jezzine, Lebanon-South, was the source of the apostolic vital impulse for to devote herself to the service of the men and women of her time. The Antonin Order of Saint Isaïe was founded on the 15th of August 1700, at the convent of on the Arant Mount at Broumana, by the bishop Mgr Gabriel Bluzene. The Constitutions and the rule of the Antonin Monks and the Antonine Nuns were approved by the Pope Clement XII, on the 17th of January 1740 by “Misericordiarum Pater”. After several displacements between the convents of St Peter and St Paul-Kattine, St Anthony-Baabda, N.D.-Bkerke and St Simon-Baskinta, the Antonine Nuns are definitively established in two monastries: Saint Elias-Ghazir in 1748 et Saint Anthony-Jezzine in 1774.