The Antonine Maronite Order

Name The Antonine Maronite Order
Arabic name الرهبانية الانطونية المارونية
Country Lebanon
City Dekwene
Responsable Father Maroun Abou Jaoude
Phone +9611681455
Mobile +9613127359
Fax +9611686014
Pobox PO BOX: 55035 Dekwene
Address Dekwene, Daher ElHosayn, Monastery st Rock / دير الرئاسة العامة : دير مار روكز، ضهر الحصين، الدكوانه، لبنان
Type Order
Email [email protected]
Website www.antonines.org
Profile Our Convents and Houses, in Lebanon and abroad, have twofold entity: convent-apostolate. On both counts, they are the synthesis of our religious task in administration, education, hospital, social service parochial and cultural service. Our mission has no frontiers; it is at the service of our people in Lebanon and abroad, and in communion with all other people. In Lebanon, thirty (30) convents are established in different regions. Four of them are historic monasteries, places of memory, of religious life and apostolate: Convent of Mar Doumit, Roumieh; Mar Elias monastery, Ghazir; convent of Our Lady of Deliverance, Ain Alak, Convent of Our Lady of Qannoubine, Kadisha. The twenty-five others integrate religious life and mission. Abroad, seven convents are established in some countries. We went there at the repeated requests of our Maronite ecclesiastical hierarchy and our institutions form a bridge between Lebanon and the countries they are implanted in; they are oases of hope to maintain ties with the motherland and a steady desire to revisit it. Our institutions aim at openness without losing our identity and the acquisitions of competences which serve society and enrich both parties. Faithful to our Maronite Church and to our Lebanese heritage, we work in Lebanon and abroad with what we are, welcoming our spiritual, human and professional contribution, within a well-balanced exchange and communication. Our mission, always and everywhere, tend to become efficient, loving, hoping and charitable.